Gotta Find That Someone

Noé Licon

Gotta find that someone that is looking for love, yes someone that had love, someone that lost love, yes someone that knows what love is

Noe's Bio With his soulful voice, friendly smile, and southern-style charm, Noé Licon has entertained people from coast to coast, and country to country. For more than 30 years, he has been winning fans and admirers of all ages and backgrounds. From humble beginnings to his polished soul and R&B show, Noé (pronounced No-ee) has a unique talent for making a song his own, and leaving his large legion of fans hungry for more.

Born into a musical family, Noé started singing at age 10, and formed his first band at 15. He put his dreams of becoming a performer on hold during his time in the U.S. Army, and due to an early business career as CEO of Furniture Designs by Noé, and his clothing stores, Boutique DeNoé, DeZonn's Boutique and Club Bambe. Additionally, Noé is an active karate instructor, a skill he learned during his time in the Army. ( Noé, a prolific songwriter who has written a few tunes during his career, employs vocal styles that resemble the likes of Chris Stapleton, Otis Redding, Albert King, BB King, Albert Collins, Joe Cocker, James Brown, JJ Grey and Rod Stewart some of the great soul and R&B singers. As Noé says, "My truth is expressed through my love of music and the people for whom I perform. I’m a traditionalist, and I want to be true to the artists I represent, as well as to my own original music, his original albums are (A woman's love) (I Didn't Know) (When you come home) (American Heroes) (Crazy Woman with a Colgate Smile) and his latest originals album ( Gotta Find That Someone ) to be released September - 18 - 2017

Noé has lived in Odessa, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, and currently Albuquerque, New Mexico. All the while, he has been working tirelessly on his unique, signature sound. The result is a huge catalog of meticulously chosen songs, and a mature, soulful delivery unmatched by most on the market today.

In addition, Noé is determined to keep 'real' music alive, while simultaneously honoring his late, beloved wife, lost suddenly to cancer. He has written songs on his recent album A Woman's Love, expressing his love, joy, and pain from the loss of this beautiful lady. He is now devoting his time and talent to supporting cancer research. Noé is equally passionate about giving back to his audiences for the support and love they have shown him over his distinguished recording and performing career. The songs on Noé's latest cover CD, Songs in the Key of Love, have been chosen from favorites over the years with great care. He made his song choices based on audiences’ response, making it “one of the greatest collections of top hit songs put to CD.” Noé is a fervent supporter of the U.S. Military, and has been recognized by President Bush and the American Red Cross for his service to veterans’ groups. His song, When You Come Home,is available for free download from his website. He has sent hundreds of copies to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC, the Veterans’ Hospitals in Albuquerque, and Fort Carson in Colorado. Noé was stationed at these bases during his own military career. Furthermore, he has been nominated in the R&B category of the 2012 New Mexico Music Awards for his song, Angel, Don’t Fly Away. all his albums are available at his performance venues, iTunes®, CD Baby™, and local retail music outlets throughout the world, and at his website Noé’s one request…enjoy!

Hi, we would like to thank all our fans and supporters because of you the demand for our Music and Show has grown tremendously and our Cd's and music digital download sales are great Again thank you .......Noe

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