The 25th Annual New Mexico Music Awards

Has selected Noé Jag Licon as one of the R&B finalists

for song of the year for his song "Angel, Don't Fly Away"

written for a very special lady in his life

And is donating song to Cancer Research
* Noé has dedicated his songs "When you come home "
and 'American Heroes' to the troops, and our veterans.

* Noé has been giving his CDs to our troops and veterans
with hundreds of copies having been given to Walter Reed Hospital, in Washington D.C.
The Veterans Hospital in Albuquerque NM and Fort Carson, Colorado, where Noé was stationed.
Noé will Donate his time to perform for the Troops or Cancer Research event.
* Noé has been recognized by President Bush, the American Red Cross, and  
several Veteran's groups. Noé has been accepted to perform for the Armed Forces
ntertainment Program, and hopes to entertain our troops overseas.
Noé's venues and performances grow with his popularity.
 Most bookings are extended due to audience acceptance

  • * Noé has also been recognized by Governor Bill Richardson
    For the dedication of the song When You Come Home
    Written and sung by Noé Licon for our Troops and commending him
    for the support he is giving out troops and Veterans.


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